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About Us

Thanks for sparing few moments from your precious time. It’s important for you to know us, what we are & what we do. Founded in 2011, Pay1 has been a small effort by smart, crazy and workaholic geek working everyday to make your recharge experience better. And yeah! We literally mean ‘Add to Life’. With 70000 retailers all over the country, we have taken another fulfilling step in making you achieve your dreams and aspirations.

We talk about wishes, happiness, love, emotions & what not. But we end up being a common man with unachieved height, state pleasures and a mundane lifestyle. We tend to find excitement, fun & merry in the smallest action we perform.

Something’s are meant to bring the best out of you no matter what is happening around. Let’s take a small step to overcome the self doubt and make our lives better. Gift yourself a new way living life. We want to build a platform where you will experience a whole bunch of newness, trust and satisfaction. Come and explore the most unheard corner of the world around you.